Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book Review: The Wrong Girl - Zoë Foster

Pub. Date- 26th Feb 2014 Publisher- Penguin Aus Pages- 302   
Genre- Adult Contemporary Rating- 3 Stars

I received this courtesy of Penguin Books Australia
 through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

The Wrong Girl

"Lily is a producer on a successful cooking segment for a daily morning show. The new chef has just arrived on set and he is drop dead gorgeous. And despite everything – the sabbatical that Lily and her flatmate Simone are taking from men, the fact that Jack is a work colleague – Lily falls head over heels for him.And while Lily battles her feelings, her flatmate Simone breaks their pact and starts dating some guy from her wholefoods shop. That guy turns out to be Jack. Up close, Lily bravely watches on as romance blossoms between Simone and Jack. Or does it? They don't seem to have much in common, apart from their striking good looks. And Lily and Jack just seem to get each other. Is that the same thing as falling in love? And could she ever dream of betraying a friendship? Lily has to make some difficult decisions about work and home, and realises that if she doesn't take life by the scruff of the neck, she is the one who'll be picked up, shaken and dumped."

The Wrong Girl and I didn't get off on the best start the day I first started reading it, it got put down without really being given it a chance. I honestly didn't get past 8 percent of the book. Then by chance I watched a live show by author John Green and he spoke about reading generously, setting out to read a book as if you’re certain that you'll enjoy it. So with this in mind, I picked up The Wrong Girl again and I'm glad I did. 

The story follows Lily who is hitting the big 30, dealing with a new chef she instantly dislikes all the while, living with a crazy flatmate whom she's on a man ban with after some major fails when it comes to the opposite sex. Lily is the type of girl to put up with something for a while she fumes inside which gets her in trouble. This book features a host of cool characters, some hard out partying and an ending that could be the best or worst thing depending on your preference...  

Having an interesting way of expressing its time order often skipping time periods such as evenings that would be theoretically boring with nothing happening, is something done really well in this book. It gave the plot a nice feel to it, not to fast with everything rushed but not dragging along either. The only time the plot felt slow was when things became repetitive in their descriptions of character or things. After hearing it a few times, we get that a certain character dresses odd.  

This story felt very much divided, the first quarter was pretty bland I felt, mostly due to it being a very character dependent plot-line. I didn't really care about any of the characters so there was no reason for me to care that a new chef came or that Simone was on a bender. Now to the dreaded ending it, no spoilers I promise. The ending left me in two minds as I'm review an ARC copy so I have hope the end just isn't finished in mine because it’s every open ended and that just isn't my thing. If this doesn't bother you go forth and enjoy this book.

My 3 star rating is due to the ending, some repetition and slow points but I'm glad in the I finished reading this, and I would be interested in reading another of Zoë Foster's books when I get the chance.

Have you ever got off to a bad start with a book?
Will you give this a read when it's released ?


  1. This book looks pretty interesting and I loved the cover. Maybe I´ll give it a chance in the future though I don´t usually read books food related because they make me hungry while reading them xD
    Really liked your honest review and new follower =)
    Here is my blog if you want to check it out

    1. I really loved the cover as well, its so girly and pretty. I also get really hungry when desserts are mentioned in anything. Thanks for commenting!


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