About Me

Hello there,

As you've clicked on an About Me link I assume you would like to know a little bit more about me. Maybe who I am, what I do, what my favourite colour is?

So to get on with it my names Katie and I'm a 18 year old Leo who has lived all her life in Brisbane, Australia. I firmly believe since the humidity here hasn’t killed me yet I could probably breathe underwater the air gets that wet. Now from the previous statement you could probably ascertain that I love to ramble and talk a lot of shit, which does one hundred percent come through in my reviews. They tend to be a little longer than they should be and not really have much of a point.

Reading In The Roses did have a different name a while back but when I got back into blogging I decided a fresh start was needed and with that idea Reading In The Roses was born! What a horrible day for my laptop now it gets a little to much use but my precious precious books get more use again.

The only thing I live by when it comes to books is if you aren’t a reader you haven’t found the right book yet but luckily for me that happened when I was very young. I have fond memories of making my dad give me his library card so I could get more books than I was allowed to on mine.

And to the burning question you all wanted to know, my favourite colours definitely purple.

Thanks for reading this crazy ramble I hope that you enjoy my blog.

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