Monday, 6 January 2014

Bout of Books - Book Buying Spree Challenge

Each day of the read-a-thon Bout of Books has challenges hosted by wonderful people. Today's challenge is a great one something that every book lover does frequently(I know I do)! It's the Book Buying Spree hosted by Bookish Comforts

The Challenge

Imagine if you will: you’ve just received some FANTASTIC news! You have won a $100 book buying spree! Now comes the hard part though: what books will you buy?! For this challenge, you’ll be creating your book buying spree wishlist, and sharing it in the comments.

The List

My list has a lot of pre-orders I'm dying to have, as well as some fantasy that looks amazing. What's would you pick if you had $100 guilt free dollars to go nuts with?

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