Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It
- Sarah Mlynowski

Pub. Date- May 1st 2014 Publisher- Orchard Books
Pages- 304 Genre- Paranormal/Young Adult Rating- 5 Stars

I received this courtesy of Orchard Books through 
Netgalley in return for an honest review.

This is the story of how we became freaks. It's how a group of I's became a we.

When Class 10B got their flu shots, they expected some side effects. Maybe a sore arm. Maybe a headache. They definitely didn't expect to get telepathy. But suddenly they could hear what everyone was thinking. Their friends. Their teachers. Their parents. Now they all know that Tess has a crush on her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper. Some of them will thrive. Some of them will break. None of them will ever be the same. 

A smart and funny story about friendship, first love and surviving high school from the bestselling author of Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done. 

What do get when you combine a fun, new premise with witty easy to read writing? The correct answer here is a great story and that’s exactly what Don’t Even Think About It is. Flu shots at school were always traumatic but when you add in the side affect of uncontrollable telepathy, things are going to get very messed up.

The most interesting thing for about Don’t Even Think About It was definitely how everything was narrated, a multiple first person view was used or a collective view I guess. Being that practically the whole class of 10B could read each other minds the story was told by all of them with alternating viewpoints that flowed together, with the others as a collectively jumping in to put their two cents worth very so often. At the very start it could be a little bit confusing as to whom was telling what but as you learn the individuals voices and personalities it soon becomes so entertaining and fun.

Everything about this book was very normalised. The Epsies’ as they called themselves, were just average selfish teenagers that only thought about using their powers for things like being smartest in class, finding out if a boy likes them or getting the boyfriend and overcoming self-esteem issues. None of the Epsies’ could control their telepathy so they heard some hilarious things like a girl wondering if she was on her period, parents having sex and perverted boys being boys.

I’m the first to admit that there was not strong character arc’s for any of the story, but it’s the light content made it better in my opinion.  The sweet nature of the book made it a quick and enjoyable to read and it never stalled because the characters weren’t developing as fast as they had been previously. That’s something that really slows down my reading usually.

All in all, I would compare this to eating grapes, it was sweet quick and simple but would give you a stomach ache if ate to many. This is a once in a while 'I need a mind break' kind of book. I’m definitely going to be purchasing this when it comes out, I mean just look at the cover.

Will you give this a chance and add it to your TBR? Are you lucky like me and got to read it early?

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